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Meet Alvin Brown

Alvin has been with Trainer Revenue Multiplier for 2 1/2 years, I heard about Alvin when I attended an event called the Strong Summit at the TO Pro Show back in 2019 where he was a headliner speaker. Then our paths crossed again at an online virtual fitness business conference that Fred and Debra had put together, so the legend decided to join the TRM party and the fun began!

Alvin’s humility and eagerness to always continue to improve is inspiring. He has been married to Suzie for over 30+ years, has 4 children, is a best-selling author, has a thriving clinic called "The Center of Healing and Peak Performance" and just 1 year ago launched Personal Mastery Training. Since then it's exploded towards helping competitive high-level fitness athletes on multiple levels with their mindset and peak performance.

He started out as a client and due to his incredible background of 30+ years in the industry, progressed rapidly with his business and became a TRM Leader. We all know when Alvin is ready to lay down some wisdom because the virtual room goes quiet for a few seconds, then we hear this strong, confident, smooth voice, followed by a mic drop.

Wait, did I mention he was on the show "So You Think You Can Dance"?

Just kidding…but you should see this guy move and groove, O YEAH!

Alvin is a Trainer Revenue Multiplier Leader and owner of Personal Mastery Training, where he attends our lives calls as an expert on mindset and achieving peak performance as we progress in our business growth. With our TRM clients breaking into new income and growth goals consistently, he assists with overcoming all the mental barriers they face with an expanding business.

Meet Alvin of Trainer Revenue Multiplier, he is a LEGEND and he will IMPACT your life and business!

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