Greg McCoy - TRM Leader

TRM Leader

Meet Greg McCoy

Greg has been with Trainer Revenue Multiplier for 4 years, I was introduced to Greg by a mutual friend of our’s Todd, he has been a gym owner and elite personal trainer for 15+ years, is a 3X gym owner of Hidden Gym, husband to Tawna, competes as a national level bodybuilder and has a famous quote which he lives up to each day ‘nice guys finish first’.

Greg is one of the most humble guys in the industry, yet has an intense passion and hunger for growth and impact. He is that guy who will sit in a room, listen, take notes, absorb, then go and execute at the speed of Stephen’s ZR1K Corvette in the background.

Even with his vast knowledge, when I first came to Hidden Gym 4 years ago for a TRM discovery day, he was in front of the room, takes notes as if he was learning for the first time, he came into Trainer Revenue Multiplier and it's been such a blessing seeing what he has built and continues to build with his Hidden Gym team of trainers and culture.

Greg is a Trainer Revenue Multiplier Leader and owner of Hidden Gym, where he is our secret ninja and attends events, shares Platinum teachings and is our gym builder go-to expert.

Meet Greg of Trainer Revenue Multiplier, he is a NICE GUY, who FINISHES FIRST and IMPACTS many lives in positive ways!

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