Laurent Decarie - TRM Systems Engineer

TRM Systems Engineer

Meet Laurent Decarie

Laurent has been with Trainer Revenue Multiplier for 3 1/2 years and he started out as a client. He was a trainer at a gym in northern Montreal and was leading a team of trainers and he started to progress in his business. Then decided to shift to online entirely, yet found there was always a small void as his cup wasn’t always being filled.

About 16 months ago he started to help clients in TRM with their systems as he has an engineering background, yes he is quite educated and techy LOL, That led to him creating the TRM Engine and now MANY clients within TRM have greatly benefited from this great man’s wisdom, support and systems savviness.

This French Phenom is a man of integrity and honor, he will go to bat for you and give you the shirt off his back kind of guy. He is a man I’d trust with my family. His passion is pure, his heart is big and he always shows up ready to serve and add tremendous value to our clients and our team. He is also a killer athlete and has gained some serious muscle with our man Jace Lopez and levels up his powerful mind with the legendary PMT Alvin Brown. Let’s not forget he also plays in a band, hence his long rockstar hair LOL, he goes from doing complicated trainer systems, to crushing weights to grabbing his guitar and getting his groove on.

Laurent is our TRM Tech Engineer, where he helps our clients build incredible systems that optimize, grow, and scale their businesses, along with continually innovating things with the TRM Engine. Laurent is also an amazing leader who not only makes an impact with systems and tech but also in others lives both personally and professionally.

Meet Laurent of Trainer Revenue Multiplier, he is an AWESOME human and he will IMPACT your life and business!

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