Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe in truth and transparency, consistently delivering on our promises. We strive to be whole and undivided, embracing a go-the-extra-mile mentality that sets us apart.

Leading by example, we treat the brand as our own, proudly representing the TRM brand and sharing our material on social media. We value feedback, both giving and receiving, and encourage open communication. We treat every client and team member, with respect, kindness, and professionalism, giving feedback when necessary always looking to raise others up.

We speak up when it matters and welcome diverse perspectives without judgment. Everywhere we go, we talk highly of our company, demonstrating love and kindness while remaining firm when important matters need to be addressed. We are committed to avoiding any actions that may harm our team members or clients, ensuring their well-being is a priority.

Staying true to our expertise, we strive to be the best in the industry, consistently honing our skills. Through active engagement in our community, we support and uplift our team and clients, fostering a culture of integrity that permeates every aspect of our business.

Esprit De Corps

We embody Esprit de Corps, a common spirit that unites us and inspires greatness in each individual. We take pride in being part of a team where 'WE' takes precedence over 'ME'. Wearing the TRM badge is an honour that signifies strength, courage, and limitless potential.

We serve with enthusiasm, dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. Respecting boundaries, we also challenge clients and each other to bring out the best in ourselves. Our culture feels like a family, where we lift others up and provide a platform where you feel valued, seen and heard. Celebrating achievements is second nature, and lending a helping hand is our instinct.

TRM is integrated into everything we do, aligning our actions with our values. We are loyal ambassadors, protecting and championing the brand. Collaboration and partnerships are one of the foundations of our success, both within and outside the team. We trust and leverage the expertise of our TRM family. Believing in each other, we openly express support within and beyond TRM.

Love guides our leadership, as we prioritize the collective good over personal egos. We embrace friendly debates and constructive criticism. We actively bring opportunities and refer others to TRM. We nurture the growth of team members, enabling them to find roles that align with their strengths and bring joy to their lives while serving our clients. Wisdom, knowledge, and expertise are shared, allowing our clients and internal team members to thrive and continually evolve.

We function as an autonomous team while upholding a strong sense of unity and care for one another. At TRM, we are a family that genuinely wants to see each other succeed, both within and outside the company.


We infuse Passion into every interaction with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to serve. Customer service is our heartbeat, as we strive to make our clients feel valued, cared for, and supported.

Through authentic coaching, we empower them to build thriving businesses that directly impact their lives. We believe in kindness, even when clients aren't currently engaged. We consistently overdeliver while respecting our boundaries.

Regular check-ins ensure that we maintain strong connections with our clients. We aim to give more than what is expected, creating wow experiences that lead to referrals, happier clients, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

Our client support system is both authentic and efficient, maximizing our impact without excessive demands on our team. We embrace discipline while fostering a fun and inspiring atmosphere. Excellence is our standard, as we pour our hearts into everything we do.

At TRM, Passion fuels our purpose and inspires us to make a meaningful difference in our business and in the lives of those we serve.


Growth is our driving force, earning us the reputation of being the 'Costco of Coaching'—a powerhouse without unnecessary flashiness.

We believe in systems that liberate and empower. Embracing an abundant mindset, we continuously expand as human beings. Our team, clients, and collective whole are dedicated to perpetual learning and improvement. We lead with curiosity, always seeking ways to enhance our knowledge through books, courses, and coaching. Education is a priority, and we invest our time and resources accordingly.

Learning is woven into our daily routines. We constantly strive to elevate our programs, courses, and coaching. Our team actively shares ideas to enhance the company, fostering a growth-minded environment. We bring valuable knowledge to the organization, benefiting the entire team.

We approach new ideas and better approaches with an open mind, driven by our commitment to improving our clients personally and professionally. We are proactive in our personal growth, keeping pace with industry trends and current events. While remaining present, we maintain a future-focused mindset.

At TRM, Growth is not just a value; it is an ongoing journey that propels us forward toward excellence and being industry leaders.


Impact is a core pillar behind everything we do. We possess a profound desire to serve, leading ourselves so that we can lead others at the highest level. We are hungry to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families.

With a legacy mindset, we strive to build exceptional systems that grant our clients greater freedom and an enhanced client experience. Through coaching, teaching, and providing innovative solutions, we empower our clients to achieve their dreams and beyond. We are dedicated to helping them build wealth and find peace of mind.

We believe in our clients even more than they believe in themselves, instilling unwavering faith in their potential. Our ultimate aim is to deliver impactful results that elicit big smiles, bring more joy, and drive increased income for our client's businesses.

At TRM, we are committed to leaving a lasting positive imprint, making a meaningful impact that transforms lives.

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