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The Collaboration VS Competition Shift

February 24, 20234 min read

I read a book recently named ‘Who Not How’ by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. 

If you haven’t read this book, I’d highly recommend it, it will shift your mind drastically. 

Our educational system has ingrained in us conditioning around, ‘it's cheating to ask for help.’  Learn it on your own, figure it out by-yourself.

What I’ve began to realize as I mature more in business, is find the activities that fascinate and motivate you in your zone of genius, which is a concept from Gay Hendricks book ‘The Big Leap’ spend 70% or more of your time there, systemize and get ‘who’s’ who are skilled in the areas that your okay at to execute in those, so you can further go and impact and not get stuck into being the busy fitness professional doing everything, burning the candle at both ends. 

For years I’ve been my own bottleneck, it's scary letting something go.  

It takes courage, which builds more confidence, which translates to achieving bigger goals with the help of your strategic team around you who have their own set of unique abilities. 

As I share this, are thoughts like this coming up for you?

How much is this going to cost?

Where do I find someone?

Nobody is as good as me, so I’ll just keep doing it on my own? 

Is this really possible? 

I thought all the same things, I will say even when I first brought Jaime on board as our mentor in Trainer Revenue Multiplier 2 years ago, I was scared, then we moved her over to also help in coaching after 6 months of shadowing teachings in TRM10K, I was petrified. 

I’ll tell you exactly why I was petrified.  

I have NO Plan B, only Plan A, all my chips are into ONE focus.  

When you have a wife, 2 young kids, you're playing a different ballgame, plus being responsible for other key team members within the company.  

Some may read this and say Mathew, you should be diversifying, what are you doing.

Every day I woke up, I told myself let’s go and change lives. 

I did the running of multiple companies before, it brought mediocre results and served a very important purpose in my life.  I didn’t want to be mediocre or have multiple companies to satisfy my ego. 

I was looking for game changing results and I knew that it needed all of my focus, which comes at a higher risk, but does it really?

What I’ve learned is that a competitive mindset, focused more on others instead of being on oneself, is a breeding ground for scarcity thinking. 

Many seek status instead of focusing on growth.

The bigger house, the 3rd car, the 5th business.  

Instead of asking how can I get my 3rd car, ask WHO can I collaborate with that solves a key problem in the business or helps expand your vision at a much faster pace, than on your own. 

Most get clouded by thinking about ‘ME’ 24/7, focusing on the HOW for everything and ignoring the valuable collaborative relationships around them.  

I’ve been there!

To be clear collaboration isn’t just anyone or any company, this is strategic. 

We suggest in Trainer Revenue Multiplier that when you look to hire your first Virtual Assistant or coach look internally FIRST, you will most likely find your allstar WHO’s ready to embark on the journey with you and believes in you and your vision. 

Let’s say your hybrid coaching business (in-person and online) model targets professional women between the ages of 35 and 45, who are primarily self employed entrepreneurs.  In doing your Golden 50 exercise you find out your perfect client takes a certain type of all natural supplements, is addicted to buying Lululemon clothes and reads a publication called Female Entrepreneurship.

Instead of trying to create your own all natural supplement line or go on shopify and make your own clothing brand you strategically collaborate with the two brands which now expose you to their MASSIVE network, this is called strategic distribution.  

Think of the speed of growth that takes place now that you have 20 times the distribution network than trying to compete with them and create your own, you fast track your ability to grow your business, yet you don’t get distracted by another shiny idea project that derails your progress towards your vision.

Hope this served you well today! 

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