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Are You a Smart Trainer, but you are Broke?

March 04, 20232 min read

Are You a Smart Trainer, but you are Broke?

Four years degree, two year diploma, four certifications later and still just paying the bills?

Wait….you want to invest in another certification, your thinking your not smart enough.

This is so painful, I’ve had so many trainers come to me with this issue, what’s interesting is many will bend over backwards to invest in another education program and are still living off their credit card and don’t have enough for rent.

I’m a huge believer in education, but if your still broke doing it, year after year, that’s totally not cool.

What if you shifted your focus for 3 months into your business, putting all the focus into improving your sales, sales process, marketing, pricing, packages, systems and confidence.

How would you feel if went from earning an average of $2 to $4K a month to $10K+ a month? Probably more freedom, am I right?

This is something that puts fire in my belly, taking our highly educated trainers, who have years of education, some decades and helping them earn $10K, $20K and more a month.

Just saying that, gives me some tingles.

For the next 90 days, take 60 minutes a day, start diving into your business, getting better at selling yourself, improving how you present your packages, organizing your time and talking to more people.

The cool part is, we already have this laid out for you, in our TRM10K 90 day program, think of it, like going for your new certification, although this gives you back money in your pocket, a whole lot more if you follow the formula.

Heads up though, TRM10K isn’t for everyone, if your committed, ready to work and are ready to grow your income to the highest amount in your life per month, then you might want to check this out. If you're looking for a quick fix, magic pill, or to just show up for lessons and not do the work, then please just ignore this whole post.

You can head over to and click on TRM10K, you’ll see other amazing humans, who are part of the TRM family that have been killing it too.

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