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Selling with integrity

March 08, 20233 min read

Selling with integrity, what does that mean?

Selling is a part of life, although it’s taken a big shift over the years into practices that are pushy and unethical.

I’ve seen greed overshadow quality.

I’ve been there and it's great for a dopamine kick in the short term, but does one no good in the long term.

Selling is an amazing and purposeful action that when done with integrity can create the dream fitness business that aligns with your core values and gives you the time and freedom you desire.

Selling is broken down into multiple categories:

Sales call / zoom / in person

Direct online


Live events

Backend nurture campaigns

Landing pages

Lead Magnets with upsells

You're selling even through clients that are active with you, your sales process goes beyond just the front end, it's happening month after month, even as clients work with you.

Everyone’s thinking, what’s next?

I haven’t read every book on sales, although I’ve read at least 50 on sales, seen and studied high performers sell and I’m all for charging your worth, although not compromising client experience.

Asking for a large sum and not delivering quality on the backend compromises integrity.

Is it a slower approach, YES. Although it builds stronger client relationships and trust long term.

The 7 Steps of Selling in TRM:




Pain Point

Decision / Permission



I’ve tried the hardcore closing techniques, didn’t feel congruent with it.

One of the most underutilized selling steps is the offer ‘presentation’ breakdown, where a clear step by step breakdown of the offer is conducted so that the prospect understands the full value proposition.

Prospects need to understand, when they understand what it is you offer ‘clearly’, you lower objections by 50%.

Going in too fast, thinking of just getting the money, results in the prospect feeling like everyone else.

If a coach comes to me and says, ‘Mathew I have no problem closing, as they just come to me from referrals.’ In most cases the offer is too cheap and the coach is undervaluing themselves, it's quite easy to sell a below fair investment OR they are a rockstar which can the case sometimes, although that is far and few between.

I had this happen on a call recently with a new member in TRM10K, this individual came in and thought they were charging enough and said they didn’t need sales training, so I dove in, we broke down the offer they had, which they didn’t realize how many things they actually provided, factored in time and it worked out that they were earning $27 dollars an hour with there online coaching offer.

They were undercharging and weren’t optimized with their time.

Selling with integrity is of multiple factors.

Feeling congruent to what your charging with your packages

Clearly presenting an offer with no hidden agendas

Avoiding overcharging on packages, without optimal backend client support systems

Giving away special family or friend deals

Spending time listening on a sales call to what a prospect truly needs, instead of just crossing off another number on your check-list.

I believe in quality first over quantity, some people will need more time before they jump in.

The 7 steps work whether you're selling a $200 or $2K+ a month package.

The key is practice, confidence creates clarity and better flow in your sales presentation.

Whenever you raise your rates it's going to feel uncomfortable.

Does the way you sell now feel in line with your core values?

If you feel in line with your selling process, awesome, if not, how could it improve?

Hope this added value your way today.

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