Amanda Novakowski - TRM Leader

TRM Leader

Meet Amanda Novakowski

Amanda has been with Trainer Revenue Multiplier for 2 years. She is the owner of AJF Studio, is an elite trainer, coach, fiancee to Andrew, a dog mom and has a firecracker personality that lights up a room.

Amanda always brings it!

It's been amazing seeing Amanda grow into a 6 figure thriving business, expanding with her own team in a short period of time and being a positive pillar within the TRM community. Amanda had worked in the corporate gym culture for close to a decade, then made the leap into having her own studio right after a pandemic when most people were hesitant to venture into brick and mortar. She leaped, followed the TRM system, along with consistent coaching with TRM Chief Mentor Jaime Filer and the implementation of the TRM Engine and continues to soar higher each month.

Amanda is a Trainer Revenue Multiplier Leader and owner of AJF Studio, where she is our go-to expert on branding, building SOP’s and growing a successful fitness coaching business, she shares powerful nuggets on our TRM Gold and Platinum calls that always raises everyone’s game!

Meet Amanda of Trainer Revenue Multiplier, she is a small frame with a rockstar personality, a powerful smile, who will empower and IMPACT your life and business in powerful ways!

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