Jaime Filer - TRM Chief Mentor

TRM Chief Mentor

Meet Jaime Filer

Jaime has been with Trainer Revenue Multiplier for over 4 years. She started out as a client and grew her business to the next level, One day in Dallas back in 2019 at our TRM Mastermind, we were in the car heading to an activity and she asks me, “Mathew, what do you think about me being a mentor and helping with the teaching?” I said, let me think about it." I did it was a no-brainer. Jaime then came on board shadowing TRM live trainings, then eventually teaching them on her own.

It’s been such a pleasure seeing her grow over the years, building Jaime Filer Fitness (JFF) to the powerhouse business it is now, bringing on her wife Katie full time into the business a few months ago and consistently investing into herself, her growth and always leading by example.

She makes such a powerful impact in our client's lives, their businesses, and with the team. Just look at that beautiful smile!

Jaime is our TRM chief mentor. She leads our TRM Gold program, coaches many of our clients, leads our TRM podcast, is an INCREDIBLE speaker when we have live events, and continues to infuse greatness into our company and clients' businesses.

Meet Jaime of Trainer Revenue Multiplier, she is an AMAZING human and she will IMPACT your life and business!

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